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Oversize Load Trucking & Transportation Brokers

An oversized load is a haul that exceeds standard weight and width limits. This weight limit may apply to a specific road, a certain highway, or even an entire state. Types of oversize loads can include construction equipment, modular homes, industrial equipment, and many other types of freight.

While an oversize load may be safe to carry, it may be very wide, which may cause inconvenience to other travelers on the road. Therefore, to transport an oversized load, you may have to obtain special permits, for each state that the haul drives through, use special signs and signals, and even employ the services of a pilot car to ensure safety.

Additionally, the driver of the oversize load trailer has to be experienced in driving such a vehicle. While different states have their own laws when it comes to what constitutes an oversize load, it is usually any load that is more than 13 feet high, 8 feet wide, and/or more than 80 feet long. Additionally, in most cases, in order to qualify as an oversize load, it should not be possible to break down the haul into smaller loads.

At Marinetrans Logistics, we are oversize load transporting experts. We understand the challenges associated with oversize load shipping and we can handle all of your shipments with care. If you want to engage the services of our experienced and reliable freight shipping company to haul your oversize load with as little hassle as possible, contact us today to learn more about our shipping rates.


We Take the Hassle Out of Oversize Load Shipping

States regulate the size and weight of the hauls that pass through their borders and along their interstates. Therefore, trucking companies are required to obtain permits before they can travel through any particular states. The permit ensures that the oversize load does not travel on roads that may be damaged by the weight, roads that are too narrow, or roads that have cross bridges that cannot handle the weight.

Before an oversize load is hauled, a number of procedures have to be followed and there are many logistical and technical elements that must be kept in mind. If an oversize load haul is to be successful, you have to deal with legal considerations, technical challenges, and finally obtain the required permits. Additionally, some states have mandated that escort vehicles or pilot vehicles are necessary to escort an oversize load over a certain size. This is another factor to consider.


Additional Challenges Associated with Oversize Load Transportation

Even after the necessary legal permits are obtained for any oversize load shipment, the transporter will also have to post signs and take certain precautions depending on the haul's size. For example, the trucking company may have to attach oversize load signs, flashing lights, etc.

Depending on the weight and size of the freight, there are several kinds of trailers that can be used for oversized load transport. These include flatbed trailers, step decks, lowboys, gooseneck trailers, dry van, stretch flatbeds, single stretch drop trailers, and triaxles. Each of these types of equipment has different load bearing capacities.


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