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LTL Trucking Service from Marinetrans Logistics

LTL trucking, or Less Than Truckload trucking, is a service that caters to clients looking to ship goods or products that do not require the typical 48 or 53-foot trailer. This service is a specialized trucking service that can help make shipments more affordable for shippers. LTL trucking has lower costs than full truckload shipping because it spreads the cost of transportation across multiple shippers. Therefore, this is a cost effective way to manage small shipments.

Not all trucking companies offer LTL trucking as this service can be difficult to coordinate. However, at Marinetrans Logistics we are able to offer affordable and reliable LTL trucking service to our clients. Whether your LTL freight shipment requires flatbed or dry van transportation, we can meet your needs with our LTL trucking services.

To learn more or request a freight quote for our LTL trucking, contact us online or by phone at 251-243-2064.


About LTL Trucking

LTL trucking is an efficient and logical way to transport goods or products that do not weigh enough or are too small to warrant the use of a full size trailer. The following are some relevant facts that you should know about LTL trucking:

  • Shipments that use the LTL trucking method generally weight between 68 to 9000 kg and can range in size from one pallet to half of a truckload.
  • The way in which LTL trucking works is unique. LTL carriers typically collect cargo from different clients and then consolidate it onto larger trailers with the same delivery destination. Therefore, while this stop at the break-bulk facility means additional handling, but results in a more efficient route.
  • Because LTL trucking involves a grouping of different clients’ cargo or freight, the transit and delivery times are typically longer than if full trailers are used for direct routes. Moreover, the delivery times are also dependent on the number of connecting terminals to which the freight needs to be delivered. As a result, delivery to isolated or remote regions can take relatively long periods using LTL trucking.
  • Despite the slightly longer delivery times, LTL trucking still remains hugely popular because of its affordable cost. The cost is more affordable because the fuel and transportation costs are divided among multiple shippers. Therefore, each shipper only pays a portion of the cost.

LTL trucking can also be customized to include other accessory services like a lift gate service, door-to-door pickup and delivery, freeze and temperature protection, among others. These services are typically included in the price as a convenient flat rate.


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