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Sunday July 14, 2024
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Services We Provide As A Leader Among Freight Transport Companies: 

While there are many freight transport companies in USA and Canada, Marinetrans Logistics has made a name for itself with by offering one of the widest ranges of services. In addition to our wide range of transportation services, our utilization of innovative technology, experienced management team, emphasis on safety, and commitment to on time freight delivery makes us one of the best freight transport companies. Our aim is to exceed our customer’s expectations and not to simply meet them, while promoting safety and ensuring superior service.

Unlike some limited freight transport companies, regardless of what you need transported, we can help. We carry all types of freight across the United States and Canada including machinery, construction equipment, lumber, scaffolding, fabricated steel, components, tubing, and more. We have the specialized equipment and experienced staff needed to get your freight to its destination. For more information on how Marinetrans Logistics can help you, please give us a call at 251-243-2064.


Freight Transport Services: 

Not many freight transport companies are able to offer the wide range of services that Marinetrans can. Here is a list of some of the many freight transport services we offer.

  • Flatbed Transport: Flatbed trucking is used to transport a variety of types of goods including steel products, building materials, machinery, and other types of large equipment.
  • Step Deck Transport: Step deck trailers are used to haul industrial components and other large equipment that cannot be hauled using standard flatbed trailers.
  • Dry Van Transport: A dry van is semi trailer that is used to move cargo, which does not require refrigeration or temperature control. Dry van trucking service can carry freight that has been box packed or pallet loaded.
  • Roller Trailer Transport: The roller trailer is most commonly used to carry oil field equipment. It is built to handle the tough terrain that you find in an oil field and it contains spring suspensions and tow eyes. Not many freight transport companies offer roller trailers. However, as heavy haul trucking experts, we do.
  • Winch Truck Transport: Winch trucks are commonly used to handle cargo in factories, warehouses, and shipyards. Winch trucks can move very heavy freights and cargo containers. They look like flatbed trucks with an attached winch that is used to pull the load onto the trailer.
  • Extendable Step Deck Transport: This type of step deck trailer can be extended to accommodate oversize loads and equipment. It is commonly used to carry industrial components and other loads that are too large and long to move by any other way.
  • Hot Shot Trucking: Hot shot trucking involves using a freelance driver, who is usually driving on a contract to complete a single load. Like many freight transport companies, we can utilize hot shot trucking when customers need special loads or equipment transported as quickly as possible.
  • Oversize Transport: An oversized load is any load that exceeds the standard legal dimensions for transportation. When comparing freight transport companies to handle oversize load transport, it is important to ensure that the company you choose has the experience needed to offer reliable and safe delivery for your loads.
  • Power Only Transport: Power only trailer transport services can be used to carry nearly any type of load. It may be a travel trailer, a boat trailer, or a portable generator. They may even be employed to haul tools trailers, flatbed trailers, equipment trailers, drilling equipment, or more.
  • Less Than Truck Load Shipping: Also called LTL trucking, this is one of the most popular ways to move freight. It is also very cost effective as the cost for freight transport is divided between multiple parties. Today, most freight transport companies offer this service.
  • Refrigerated Transport: Refrigerated freight transport companies can use reefer trucks to transport perishable items such as food, meat, produce, and pharmaceuticals. The refrigeration unit can keep freight at a controlled temperature and prevent damage during transport.


Marinetrans Logistics freight transport serves the entire United States and Canada. While cross border transportation has become difficult even for many experienced freight transport companies, we can transport all types of freight to nearly any location throughout the U.S. and Canada. When you work with Marinetrans Logistics, you can be sure that your haul will reach its destination on time and as scheduled.

If you would like to learn more about choosing us over other freight transport companies or you would like a freight quote for any of the services we offer, call us today at 251-243-2064.


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